Thursday, March 7, 2013

Who Told You You Could Play Field Hockey?


Who told you you could play field hockey?  

Did your mother tell you that she grew up playing field hockey, so you followed in her footsteps?  Did you go watch her play and were inspired to see her so engaged by her passion for the sport?

Who influenced your decision to play? Was it your mother? Sometimes fathers encourage their children by playing with them.

All things being equal, which sport is a father who has played baseball,
football, ice hockey, soccer, basketball,  and tennis  most likely to pass on to his son or daughter?

Note that field hockey is not on that list.  He wasn't allowed to play field hockey.

Now, ask a father who did play field hockey which sport he is likely to pass on to his daughter (or son).

Ask Manzar Iqbal or Peter Jones.  I am sure there is a much, much longer list.

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