Monday, April 17, 2017

One Minute Quiz Matches You With Your Dream Stick

Take the guess work out of selecting the best stick for your style and experience level.
When you reach the level where stick color is not your deciding factor, this quiz really works to select the stick that takes you to GENIUS HOCKEY.

Elite Athletes Use Dita Sticks

"As soon as I got a C100 stick in my hands, I was instantly impressed. It was very clear to me that this stick was made with the latest technology and would help make me a more dangerous striker. It is one of the lightest sticks that I've ever used in my career, but it still adds so much power to all of my shots. Because it is so light, I can get shots off so quickly, even when a defender is applying pressure. I believe that it's head shape has added new skill elements to my game. It helps me pull the ball much faster, but it still allows me to have complete control."

Kat Sharkey