Monday, April 20, 2015

Free Shipping on Bargains Too Good To Be True

One of these two sticks was purchased recently from an offshore seller in the UK.
Until you get close it looks like a quality Dita stick like you can get from
It is not.
The buyer got it cheap, plus free shipping. The grip is an imitation of a real Dita grip, plus it is put on without tape to hold it to the shaft and the direction it is wound in will unravel with very little use. Note there is no URL on this inferior stick.
(Dita USA usually puts a URL on the round side of the head and changes it up each year. The year this Terra 20 was made, 2013, Dita USA put FIELDHOCKEY.NET on the heads. This stick looks almost exactly like a real Dita Terra 20. The proof is in the playing.
It won't play like a Dita.
BE SAFE and Wise. BE A GENIUS and buy only from an authorized DITA USA
retailer. Dita does not sell on eBay, Amazon, Fruugo. Dita supports USA Field Hockey