Friday, June 8, 2012

Buyer Beware

There is no international brand of field hockey sticks that escapes illegal counterfeiting and black market sales.  ALL KNOWN BRANDS, not just Grays, TK, and Dita continue to be placed on the black market.

In an effort to keep loyal Dita players happy, Dita issues the following warning:

We are compiling a list of those who are selling counterfeit products. Note that many offer multiple brands.  - so blatant they pirate the USA Field Hockey Association logo! -  the sticks here are bogus.  - low quality fakes. -  "authorized dealer" (cough cough) - not authorized in USA. Unknown source of all brands

tradewithstyle2011 of Yuba City, CA offers counterfeit Dita items on eBay. Is not an authorized Dita distributor.
The sticks they sell are not authentic. is not authorized to sell our goods. They are not authentic.

DYNAMIC SPORTS is not authorized to sell our goods. They are not authentic.

kayfarooquee attempts to sell unauthorized sticks on eBay.
is not authorized to sell in the USA. offers products. We have a report from a victim in Australia.

Ask yourself - why would someone sell a new, unused Dita on ebay?
If it is "NEW"  there is a good chance it isn't authentic.
You may want to remain on your guard about used sticks as well. Think twice before bidding.

ONLY BUY FROM AN AUTHORIZED RETAILER.  This holds true for all brands of field hockey gear

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