Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Injuries Related to Goggle Use

Already we have witnessed some eye-goggle-caused-injuries and the high school season has yet to begin.  Let's document the concussions, head injuries resulting from the aggressive behavior that is encouraged by a false sense of invincibility that such safety gear stimulates.

Eye Goggles will cause more problems than they will prevent.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Do You Have a Dita Terra V5?

If you have a Dita Terra V5, 36.5" medium weight; you could be part of HISTORY.

Would you like to be part of history?

 Lauren Crandall, of the USA Women's Olympic team plays with the Terra V5. She has always played with that model stick. She used it to help Wake Forrest win NCAA Championships, she played with it in Beijing, she wants to use a Terra V5 in the London Olympics.
The problem is there are no more Terra V5 sticks currently available and she is playing with her last stick.  

Lauren Crandall needs YOUR Terra V5, 36.5" medium weight stick. Your stick could play in the London Olympics!  Please

The classic Dita is not currently in production.  Before the London Olympics a special Limited Edition of the Terra V5 is likely to be produced.