Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The "What Is That Boy Holding?" Project

At the National Indoor Tournament, in Richmond, photographic portraits were taken of boys and
men holding field hockey sticks.
The photographs were not action images, but studio portraits, showing that regular males choose to play Indoor Hockey.

The sole purpose of this photographic project is to make more boys aware that boys can play and have played in the USA since the 1920s.

The photographs will appear in FH Life magazine, as well as used for recruiting posters, and for online publicity.

The participating boys and men, who numbered around 100, were asked why they choose to play indoor (and/or field) hockey.

The answer was unanimous:

"I love the sport and love to play!"

How can I get more involved with this project and creating opportunities for boys to play?

This project is sponsored by Dita.

Photo credit: Allison Earnest Photography

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Best Family Plays

The entire Best family plays field
hockey. Dad, Garrett Best, grew
up playing in California.
He is known for his wicked smash
of the ball. He has shattered balls
and bend goal posts.

Currently he umpires and is known
in some field hockey circles as
"The Stick Whisper",for his ability
to repair both sticks and a player's

Mom, Miki, started playing after
hanging out watching her older
sister play high school hockey.
She has played and coached,
and is personal coach to two
budding players who just might
realize the dream of one day
playing on the
USA Men's National team.

Visit Miki at her other full time job, other than taking care of two little boys and one big man.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2013 EXA 500 - Hollywood Premier

The 2013 Dita EXA 500 is available, but supply is limited.
This ultra light, but powerful stick is a favorite on The USA 
National teams. 

Across the "pond", Dutch star Eva de Goede plays with the EXA 500

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Playing Roller and Field Hockey

I grew up playing ice hockey, but once exposed to field hockey and indoor hockey, I knew there was more to life than frozen water.

Playing one sport doesn't mean you must forsake all others.  Brij Singh is a perfect example of a player who knows he doesn't have to choose.  While balancing on rollerblades, he displays two sticks from two hockey sports.  Not shown is his floor ball stick.

Now, on a personal note, being an ice hockey player, I am confused by the boards behind Brij.  If these were ice hockey boards, they would mean that Brij is a really tiny guy.  Ice hockey boards are about three and a half feet tall.

Brij and I have one prime thing in common: the love of playing a game with a stick and a ball.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Another Field Hockey Tattoo

This field hockey tattoo, showing three sticks entwined with ivy and capped with a rose was posted by a person known only as STEPHGK

I would like to find her and hear her story.  Who is she?

All she has that identifies the image is the following:

"Inkwell Tattoo, LaGrange, KY. Field Hockey Tat to rep me and the bond between me and my sisters. "

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Monday, February 11, 2013

I Love My Sport

There is no question that this particular head coach loves field hockey.  One doesn't have to wear that love on your sleeve, but she has chosen to express, graphically, that her sport is not a passing infatuation.

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Monday, February 4, 2013

New Model Dita Turf Shoes

 Over the past several year a big running shoe company has imposed their footwear upon
the field hockey community.  They make comfortable and fashionable running shoes.

Yet, as stylish and comfy as their shoes are,
field hockey players seem to fall more frequently
while making cuts, moving sideways, circling around, changing direction.  Running shoes do that.
They are built to move forward, to look pretty, and fit just so.

When both teams or two players competing for a win are wearing these fancy running shoes, then it doesn't much matter. Both teams and players have the same comfortable, stylish,  DISADVANTAGE.

Now, if one player, or one team is wearing Dita,
which team has the advantage of not taking a tumble while making cuts, moving sideways, circling around, changing direction?

There are three new models in stock.

Dita Turf Shoes:
What You Wear On Your Feet 
To Stay on Your Feet!

For those who wonder why  Dita Turf Shoes are better for field hockey.  One, they aren't designed by and for runners.  Dita turf shoes are designed by and for Olympic medalists, with orthopedic surgeons.

Over the past five Olympics, ten teams wore Dita Turf Shoes.
Out of ten teams who wore Dita Turf Shoes, NINE WON MEDALS. 

The last time a  field hockey team wearing Dita Turf Shoes didn't medal was 1984.

Friday, February 1, 2013

FH Life Magazine Winter Issue Released

The latest issue of FH Life ,
the magazine of USA Field Hockey
is now available.

If you are a member of USA Field Hockey,
you'll get your copy in the mail.

If you aren't a member, you can subscribe to the magazine.

Otherwise, you will receive a free copy of the most recent issue of
FH Life when you place an order for Genius Level Hockey gear
with Dita.  If you already receive the magazine,
share the magazine with a friend.