Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Fruugo and Amazon Don't Care About Field Hockey

Consider the consequences of purchasing field hockey gear from Fruugo and Amazon.
Buying any field hockey gear off-shore, no matter what brand, costs American jobs and deprives the development of our sport in the United States.  USA Field Hockey receives financial support for all of its programs from USA based distributors of field hockey brands and other products and services.

Look at the list of sponsors and you won't see the names of Fruugo or Amazon or any of the off-shore purveyors of gear.
Buying outside of the USA is personalized Out-Sourcing. Amazon and Fruugo care nothing for field hockey.

Where in the USA is  located? It isn't in the USA.
Head Office:  Ulverston, Cumbria, UK
Buying field hockey gear off shore is at very least a gamble for a consumer.  What happens if the wrong size is ordered or shipped or the item was broken during transport from England. What if the product is defective?  If there is a warranty,  you will have to send the product back to England.

Here are a few Fruugo customer reviews, from a company called, which may inform your decision.

I Will Never Place and Order  With Fruugo
Unhappy Fruugo Review
Will Not Use Fruugo Again
Won't Do It Again
Never Again

Buying from an authorized USA based retailer gives you fast service, a warranty, and real gear.  Buying in the USA helps keep USA jobs and truly supports field hockey in America.
Amazon is a USA based company, but their field hockey vendors are off-shore, for the most part.

Dita products purchased from authorized, USA based retailers are fully warrantied.
List of authorized Dita retailers