Monday, August 18, 2014

What Stick Do You Play With and Why?

Do you know Bquipped? 
Bquipped is an independent company with a goal of  matching up
field hockey players with the brand and model stick appropriate to their style and level of play.
Bquipped is not associated with any brand gear.  To make this work they need input, especially from experienced players who have played the sport for more than a few years and have played with a variety of stick brands.

Their data could use more input about real stick brands,  and not the domestic
stick brands produced for lacrosse companies or as advertising for appliance  or shoe companies. 

I would like to encourage you to complete an online questionnaire at

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dita Sticks On Amazon

DITA is NOT offering or selling sticks on Amazon. 

Most of the sticks being offered through Amazon make the claim that they come from DITA. The main seller is offshore and not authorized to sell in the USA. These sticks are at best, discontinued models with no valid warranty in the USA or Canada.
Before purchasing a Dita product on Amazon, check if the source is an authorized Dita retailer.
Sticks and shoes from other sources are not warrantied.


Please purchase only from authorized Dita retailers:

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Kat Sharkey Could Play With Any Stick

"The Black Cat is a very light stick, which allows me to get quick shots off from anywhere in the circle. In addition, I feel I have much more power in both my forehand and backhand shots with the Black Cat. I really feel that the touch and feel of this stick gives me complete control as an attacker and makes me a threat in the circle."

Retro Classic Dita Stick Still Rocks
Designed in 2000, as Teun De Nooijer's
personal model, the Dita #14,
remains a classic example of a stick
with fine characteristics: 22 mm bend,
soft touch and reduced rebound,
a balance point and head
that encourage quick stick handling.

The expression: "They don't make 'em
like this any more" is appropriate for this
classic RETRO stick.

This stick might sell for $420.

The Price of this Classic is RETRO, too: $250

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Long Tradition of Hockey In the State of Iowa

Above is a 1936 photograph from the university archives.
Hockey has old roots in Iowa, click to read the 80 year history 
of the sport at the University of Northern Iowa.

Not only men played field hockey in Iowa, as you will
find when you click the link and read the article.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Is Neon Green Hot Or Is The Stick Hot?

Get This Stick Now

On your smart phone or monitor the color of green may appear to be lime green or something not as electric as the NEON GREEN that the Terra V10 really is.   It is florescent!  As in BLACK LIGHT AMAZING.

The "Medium Curve" is perfectly balanced for players who want EXTREME CONTROL.
An extremely popular stick for players who are looking for ULTIMATE CONTROL in their play. The bending of the shaft, the midi-shape head, and the combination of glass fiber, Aramid, and carbon this one of the most desirable sticks.

BENDING = 22.4 mm
HEAD SHAPE = Midi Shape
WEIGHT = Light to Medium
BALANCE POINT = 54.60 cm
LENGTH = 36.5"
Carbon 25% / Fiberglas 65% / Aramid 10%