Monday, February 4, 2013

New Model Dita Turf Shoes

 Over the past several year a big running shoe company has imposed their footwear upon
the field hockey community.  They make comfortable and fashionable running shoes.

Yet, as stylish and comfy as their shoes are,
field hockey players seem to fall more frequently
while making cuts, moving sideways, circling around, changing direction.  Running shoes do that.
They are built to move forward, to look pretty, and fit just so.

When both teams or two players competing for a win are wearing these fancy running shoes, then it doesn't much matter. Both teams and players have the same comfortable, stylish,  DISADVANTAGE.

Now, if one player, or one team is wearing Dita,
which team has the advantage of not taking a tumble while making cuts, moving sideways, circling around, changing direction?

There are three new models in stock.

Dita Turf Shoes:
What You Wear On Your Feet 
To Stay on Your Feet!

For those who wonder why  Dita Turf Shoes are better for field hockey.  One, they aren't designed by and for runners.  Dita turf shoes are designed by and for Olympic medalists, with orthopedic surgeons.

Over the past five Olympics, ten teams wore Dita Turf Shoes.
Out of ten teams who wore Dita Turf Shoes, NINE WON MEDALS. 

The last time a  field hockey team wearing Dita Turf Shoes didn't medal was 1984.

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