Thursday, April 17, 2014

Buyer Beware: When You Buy A New Stick

The pirates are as busy as ever and they are adapting in very sophisticated ways.  One can now purchase an authentic-looking, brand name, top end, field hockey stick easily online.  You can save hundreds of dollars, too.  Their websites are really looking awesome and believable. The illustrations look like the real thing, the prices are attractive.  Read the full warning here.

Are they really going to admit that they are not authorized to sell in the USA?  Most won't even let on they are off-shore. They certainly won't bring up the topic of supporting USA Field Hockey, helping Grow-The-Sport,  sponsoring USA National Team Players......either Men or Women. They are just pirates pretending to be whatever it takes to get your money.  Funny thing, when you finally receive the package from outside the country: the stick doesn't quite look like the one your friend has.

Oh, and they will certainly stand behind the product they will sell you.  Right.  Just try.   There is a bridge between Brooklyn and New York City they can sell you.

All major brands are  being sold off the grid, it isn't just Grays, or TK, or Gryphon, or Voodoo,  or Dita.
Some are counterfeit, some may be stolen, none of them will be worth the trouble. 


To get a list of authorized Dita retailers click here.

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