Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Problem With Mouth Guards

The giant problem with mouth guards is that they are too bulky. How many times have you seen players chewing on their mouth guards?  

Conventional mouth guards are made from soft material and transfer forces to teeth with risk of dental injury.

There are three main types of conventional mouth guards, all based on the soft material EVA:
  1. Stock guards -- These are pre shaped, bulky and uncomfortable, They are hard to breath, drink and talk with. They have poor fitting and users complain about significant drooling.
  2. "Boil and Bite" -- To some extent personal fitting is possible, but they are still bulky and uncomfortable; hard to breath, drink and talk with. Drooling is a problem with these as well.
  3. Dentist made -- The advantage is the custom fitting. They are less bulky, but still not comfortable and hard to drink and talk with. The major disadvantage beside discomfort is that they are far too expensive.
The first two options are too bulky and the third too expensive. None of them are really comfortable.
Here is a better idea. 

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