Thursday, January 26, 2012

Field Hockey: Made In The USA

Ask any other major team sport if their gear is being made in the USA .
Perhaps at one time it was.  Now everything is out sourced, even that all-American sport: baseball.
Show me a baseball made in the USA and it is an antique.

The big names in sports do not manufacture anything in the USA. Those companies that are really huge names and associated with the USA; can you guess where they make their shoes?
Look at those corporations that sponsor our beloved colleges and university teams.  Do you suppose they at least make the socks they require their contracted athletes wear someplace in North or South America? Good luck.

At least Major League baseball and the NFL have their socks made in North Carolina.
But, college players are required to wear socks and apparel made outside the USA.

One thing can be said about American Jobs and the sport of field hockey.  Because field hockey has never been large enough to develop production of stick, ball, or goalie gear inside the USA,  no previously existing American jobs have ever been out sourced.

Currently, only one field hockey company is known to produce some USA made gear. Dita has its socks knitted in North Carolina, by the same knitting mill that makes  MLB and NFL, and NBA socks.
Dita also has its quality bags handcrafted in Boulder, Colorado.

Is it time to produce other field hockey gear domestically? Is it possible we could make world class composites and field hockey balls that are marked: MADE IN THE USA ?

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