Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Refreshing Look At Field Hockey

I like the looks of this REBLOG site.

It is pretty MUCH FUN

Here is a quote from the page, addressing the goggle issue:
come-along-pondy asked: You know how goggles are mandatory for high school girls now? Well lately, we've been getting a rise in hand/finger injuries and my coach has a theory that the goggles are affecting the way that we hold our sticks because of depth perception (We don't use lacrosse goggles). I have broken my hand in 3 places this season, and it's only been 1 month. A friend of mine and a girl I know broke fingers this week, a girl I played travel with dislocated her finger. Have you or anyone else noticed this?
Huh, that’s interesting… I have been hit in the hand/fingers a few times along with my teammates, but I guess it never seemed unusual. But there could be something to it. The goggle rule is so ridiculous.
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