Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Dita Black Cat - Coupons


The Black Cat is our top stick.

While it is worth $470, because it does cost more to produce than all other sticks, including the top 2017 models, we have been offering it for $445.

 "The Black Cat is a very light stick, which allows me to get quick shots off from anywhere in the circle. In addition, I feel I have much more power in both my forehand and backhand shots with the Black Cat. I really feel that the touch and feel of this stick gives me complete control as an attacker and makes me a threat in the circle."  says Kat Sharkey

Below are three receding value discount codes that allow you to own an amazing classic $470 value Dita Black Cat.

Only available through this link - http://ditausa.com/blackcat2.html 

The sooner you purchase the bigger the discount.

Coupon Code / Expiration Date / Cost
BCAT33          / August 21          / $298.15
BCAT30          / August 24          / $311.50
BCAT20          / August 31          / $356.00

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Your Best Field Hockey Season Ever


You are two clicks and 17 questions away
from having your best field hockey season ever.

17 simple questions narrow your search 
for the perfect field hockey stick.

It's not some silly dating site, it is the quickest way
to find the stick that is your ultimate match.

Kat Sharkey and Manny Martinez found their