Friday, October 10, 2014

Dita USA to Launch a Fresh Website & CONTEST

On November 1, 2014, Dita USA will launch
the newly remodeled online store.

There will be a contest and oodles of

Win a New Dita stick or maybe
a One-on-One personal training session,
at Hockey Festival, with a
National Team Player. where smarter players find

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Parent Insists Boys Run Wild Playing Field Hockey! Boys Beaten with Sticks, In Plain View of Thousands, On Turf Field!!!!!

Actually, only half the boys will be beaten. The other half will do the beating.

Or to put it another way, Boys will play together at the 2014 Hockey Festival.

Boys will play against other boys for the first time

Thursday, Nov. 27 - Saturday, Nov. 29

Somehow it is a big news item when a boy wants to play hockey and the only opportunity seen as available is for him to play on a girls team.

Come to California and play against other guys.

Dude against Dude
Mano a Mano
Man to Man

Boys versus Boys 


For more information -
Email Liz Tchou: 

We want all the boys who play in MA, PA, NJ, NY, CO, CA, DE, MD, CT,  to show up at this event and participate.
This is YOUR chance to play without the hoopla.

Meet the USA Men's team, talk with the coach.

For brothers, sons, dads, uncles, nephews, cousins, boyfriends, and just plain guys who have never picked up a stick,
there will be a variety of clinics. Whether they don't know how to hold a stick or or can air dribble like a rock star, there will be a chance to play, a chance to learn, a chance to be a boy with a stick and a ball.

Encourage every boy and man to pick up a stick and head to California for Hockey Festival.

Dita USA, 
Proud Sponsor of Boys Development



Send them outside and tell them to run around
tell them to beat the other boys with sticks

Make that the news

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

An Orange Field Hockey Ball Becomes a Dual Symbol

For those of us
who associate the crispness
of an autumn day with the sport of field hockey

It is easy to picture
an orange ball upon
a green field,
being whacked this way

and that
while runners swing sticks,
taking a swipe at the
citrus colored sphere

Take a black marker and draw a pumpkin face
Celebrate two special things
about autumn

Dita Balls   (what Genius players might hit)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Yellow Ball, All Alone

A yellow ball all alone. 
Perhaps you are someone who could sit all day and stare at it.
Think how peaceful that ball might be.
Is it sleeping?  
Clearly it is resting.

Or, are you one of those who not only want to see the ball move, 
but control where it moves, and into which goal it finds itself?

The best tools for sending that little yellow ball down 
the field and into the back of your opponent's
goal cage may be found where other 
Genius Level Players find their EXA or TERRA or GIGA sticks:

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Win a Dita Embroidered Patch

Every correct entry will receive an embroidered  Iron-On Dita Genius Patch.  
The patch is 2 1/2 " X 6 ", perfect to attach to a jacket, back pack, stick bag.  
Where will YOU attach your Dita patch?

Correctly identify the five domain names that link to the authentic Dita Field Hockey North America website.  Email your answers, along with your USA postal address to:



* The two winners of FREE DITA STICKS were drawn from all the correct emails. First place was a BLACK CAT won by Melissa XXXXXXX, second place a Classic #14 won by Carly XXXXX. The Sticks were awarded 6 pm EST, Sept. 4.

Monday, August 18, 2014

What Stick Do You Play With and Why?

Do you know Bquipped? 
Bquipped is an independent company with a goal of  matching up
field hockey players with the brand and model stick appropriate to their style and level of play.
Bquipped is not associated with any brand gear.  To make this work they need input, especially from experienced players who have played the sport for more than a few years and have played with a variety of stick brands.

Their data could use more input about real stick brands,  and not the domestic
stick brands produced for lacrosse companies or as advertising for appliance  or shoe companies. 

I would like to encourage you to complete an online questionnaire at

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dita Sticks On Amazon

DITA is NOT offering or selling sticks on Amazon. 

Most of the sticks being offered through Amazon make the claim that they come from DITA. The main seller is offshore and not authorized to sell in the USA. These sticks are at best, discontinued models with no valid warranty in the USA or Canada.
Before purchasing a Dita product on Amazon, check if the source is an authorized Dita retailer.
Sticks and shoes from other sources are not warrantied.


Please purchase only from authorized Dita retailers: