Monday, January 25, 2016

Limited Introduction of 2016 Dita TERRA 20

 There are only a limited number of the 2016 Dita TERRA 20,
now available.
Click on the Dita USA logo to be taken to the website.

The regular retail price is $250

SALE PRICE, while supplies last - $180


Sunday, January 24, 2016

Dita 2016 EXA 700 GET IT NOW or ALMOST NOW!


The brand new $480 EXA 700 is available in a limited quantity for ONLY $425. If you want the newest and the best, your opportunity knocks on February first:

Thursday, January 21, 2016

What do the New Dita sticks look like? Preview the 2016 Dita Terra Models

For 2016 Dita USA has created a TERRA RETRO range of sticks, with hints of faux wood-grain and throw back graphics which feature the classic Dita logo made famous when Dutch player Teun de Nooijer was a junior player. This RETRO look is exclusive to Dita USA and will be available at only authorized Dita USA retailers in May. 

Click to see the following models:




Reserve  your own 2016 Dita TERRA RETRO at your local retailer. Click Here for the official list of AUTHORIZED DITA USA retailers.

(note: not all Authorized Dita USA
retailers will stock these models, but they can order one for you.)

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Plaid Field Hockey Sticks???

Look through the keyhole at details of the 2016 Dita Limited Edition RETRO models coming in June, exclusively at Dita USA Authorized retailers.
Two GIGA sticks, the BLUE PLAID and the RED PLAID are light years ahead of our previous GIGA models, not only with brilliant graphics, but with the best ball handling and forgiveness and durability.

Four stunning models make up the exclusive and technologically advanced TERRA RETRO line. The 2016 TERRA RETRO has faux wood-grain graphics on the highest tech composite sticks, a salute to the Olde Daze of wooden sticks. Yet, the TERRA RETRO sticks play as if from the FUTURE.

Well, they are from the future. The FUTURE arrives in June.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Strange Name For A Responsive Field Hockey Stick

You have to admit, it is an odd name for a field hockey stick.
It is different, that is for sure.  But a name is not everything.
What matters is how YOU feel with the stick in your hands and
a ball on the end of your new stick.

Some report that this may be the best ball control stick ever.
Watch the video and maybe decide that you have to try
this stick yourself.

Video: Playing with an ARATAC 700 LBT

Friday, December 25, 2015

Super Player Chooses Genius Sticks

Loren Shealy is smiling and with good reason.  After graduating from the University of North Carolina, she is taking time off and has borrowed one of Kat Sharkey's Black Cat sticks, taking a shot at a ticket to Rio.  GO LOREN!!!!

Click to Loren's Dita page

Click direct to BLACK CAT

Sunday, August 23, 2015

New Field Hockey Brand with 30 Years Background

Designer of Dita Sticks for decades, has his own brand: ARATAC. 
 Click above to visit the new ONLINE STORE.

There are those who think designing a field hockey stic is about putting pretty colors on a blank hook-shape stick.  Then, there is Chris Sutherland, someone who has been hands on with sticks since the 1960s.  If you have ever played with a Dita,  these new sticks will be hauntingly familiar in your hands.